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(1) With a base of natural hot spring water, this protective moisturizing lotion contains squalane, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and ceramide to provide specialized skin care. Apply directly over the face with or without makeup. It instantly hydrates skin anytime, anywhere, to guard against daytime irritations.

(2) Thanks to the VC nano-emulsification process, the beneficial ingredients easily penetrate deep into the skin. A deep hydrating sensation is felt inside the skin, yet it does not leave a greasy feel on the skin. This lotion is recommended for both dry and oily skin as a moisturizing skincare.

(3) The lotion uses hot spring water from Yubara Onsen in Okayama Prefecture, which is famous for making skin beautiful. Simply spray it once over the face and you will get a spa-like treatment that leaves your skin richly moisturized and resilient.

(4) Formulated with skin-protecting ingredients, it protects skin against “dry environments,” “UV rays,” “dirt and dust,” “cigarette smoke,” “air pollution” and the toxic particles known as “PM2.5.”

(5) The slim bottle is easy to carry with you anywhere. An easy-to-use mist spray hydrates your skin whenever it becomes dry or damaged.

(6) Nano-emulsified squalane penetrates deep into the skin to hold moisture for long-lasting hydration. 60 ml

squalane spa lotion

  • Suitable For Dry/Oily Skin

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