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HABA is an acronym for "Health Aid, Beauty Aid", which best describes HABA's mission to create products that maximize the natural healing power of the skin. 


HABA's policy is to give top priority to safety by adopting a "non-additive" philosophy which means that HABA's products do not contain any ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, chemically-synthesized tar colourings or petrochemical surfactants that may irritate or harm the skin, or cause allergic reactions.

HABA has been dligently working toward developing safe, highly-effective products that are of a quality similar to that of pharmaceuticals by adhering to the use of ingredients that are of the same quality as the natural components of the skin. HABA believes this process is essential in creating products that assist the natural healing power of the skin.

Based on the belief that the keys to success are technology and superior ingredients, HABA will continue to work toward the development of the most advanced technologies and best ingredients in the effort to create products that will benefit women with even the most sensitive, or damaged skin.


Incorporated: May 1983
Capital: 500.45 Japanese Yen
Listed on NASDAQ: June 2003
Number of Employees (March 31, 2007): 433
Revenue (2006 Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2007): 11,028 million Japanese Yen (US $91.9 million)
Business: Development, manufacturing and sale of cosmetics, skincare products and dietary supplements. Logistical management of Culture School and Driving Range operations.
Bank References: Mizuho Bank, Ltd., The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.


1983 - Incorporated with 15 million Japanese Yen in capital. Launched "Squalane Oil", "Vitamin CxB", and "Vitamin ExA". Started Mail-Order service.
1987 - Built factory in Hokkaido
1988 - Successfully developed Squalane "Umi no Houseki"
1992 - Opened first "ShopHABA" in Sapporo
1998 - Opened first "ShopHABA" in Hong Kong
2003 - Launched additive-free makeup series. Launched "Fair Lady". Listed on JASDAQ.​​

2004 - Established Logistics Center in Chiba Prefecture

​2005 - Opened HABA Flagship shop in Ginza

2006 - Launched "Uruoi Densetsu II"


HABA has a research laboratory in Kanda, near its headquarter where researchers are constantly developing new formula and ingredients for cosmetics, skincare products and dietary supplements to meet consumer's changing needs. HABA is also developing new ingredients in collaboration with professors from some of Japan's leading higher education institutions, including Kanazawa and Tohoku Universities.

HABA has been developing safe, high-quality products with a "non-additive" philosophy, utilizing some of the following ingredients and technologies:

  • Squalane
  • Vitamin C derivatives
  • Platinum Nano Colloid
  • Nano Emulsion (Liposome) Technology


In addition, HABA also develops new cosmetics, skincare products and dietary supplement ingredients for third party brands.



​Hokkaido's fresh air and natural environment provide the perfect setting for HABA's production facility.

It is a commonly accepted notion within the cosmetic industry that it is extremely difficult to develop products without resorting to the use of preservatives, all of which burden the skin. HABA has finally succeeded in developing its own unique formula, using ingredients with antibacterial properties that are gentle and soothing to the skin. In HABA's factory, exists a tightly controlled production environment with strict sanitary guidelines based on those used in the pharmaceutical industry. This allows HABA to uphold rigorous quality standards. There is also a rich, beautiful natural environment surrounding the HABA plant, which is   called    the   "Garden Factory".   Equipped with a well-staffed nursery and spacious dining room, the factory provides a comfortable, stress-free working environment for its employees.




HABA Laboratories, Inc. has five regional sales companies that market and sell HABA's products in Japan. They are:

Ginza HABA, Inc. (Tokyo)
Hokkaido Branch (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Tohoku Branch (Sendai, Miyagi)
Kyushu Branch (Fukuoka)

Chubu HABA, Inc. (Matsuzaka, Mie)
Kyoto HABA, Inc. (Kyoto)
Kansai HABA, Inc. (Osaka)
Chushikoku HABA, Inc. (Hiroshima)

​These five sales companies market and sell HABA's products through mail order, department stores, and their own retail shops. In addition, HABA Laboratories, Inc. markets and sells HABA's products through Internet mail orders, general merchandise stores, supermarkets and drug stores. HABA also maintains a thriving mail order business. In this way, in addition to orders, HABA is able to obtain consumer feedback, which is then used to improve existing products, as well as to create new ones.

HABA Laboratories, Inc. has one manufacturing company to produce its cosmetic products:

HABA Inc. (Tomakomai, Hokkaido)

HABA Laboratories, Inc. has one logistics company to deliver HABA's products to its customers in a timely manner:

HABA Cosmetics Inc. (Katori, Chiba)


As of November 2009, our overseas distributors have eight shops in Hong Kong, two shops in Singapore, mail order and an e-shopping mall in Taiwan, three shops in Mongolia, four shops in Indonesia, and five shops, mail order and an e-shopping mall in Malaysia. In the U.S. Nippon Shoseki Hanbai, Inc. distributes HABA's products as a sole agency. In Canada, truebeauty cosmetics dristributes HABA's products to our Canadian customers. We would like to expand our overseas business so that HABA products become well-known and well-used by people throughout the world. We wholeheartedly believe that women the world over will appreciate our safe, high-quality and highly effective products.


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